Why Drain Cleaners Are Hazardous To Your Pipes

Although drain cleaner is a handy product that can be found in almost every supermarket and home goods store in the United States, it may not be as useful as many people may think it is. There are, as a matter of fact, a variety of hazards that can result from using drain cleaner in your home. As you read this brief guide, you will learn more about five key reasons to never use drain cleaner. By the time you reach the end of this list, you are sure to have a much better understanding of the issues drain cleaning products can cause.

Why Drain Cleaners Are Not Beneficial To Your Pipes

They Can Destroy Your Pipes:
Modern plumbing pipes are typically made from PVC, while the pipes in older homes that haven’t been remodeled are often metal. Various chemicals that are commonly found in drain cleaners can eat away at both of these types of pipes. In order to avoid destroying your house’s plumbing and needing serious repairs, it’s best to call professionals and avoid drain cleaner.

They May Not Work:
 While drain cleaners are easily accessible at a variety of corner stores, depending on the severity of the clog it may not work. Severe clogs require experts to “snake” the drain or use other professional-grade equipment. If you use conventional drain cleaner and it doesn’t work, you will actually make more work for yourself because you’ll have to completely flush the drain so the chemicals in the cleaner don’t corrode your pipes, causing more problems than you already have.

Drain Cleaners Can Ruin Your Clothes: 
Because the chemicals in drain cleaners are intended to eat away at clogs, which are often made of dead skin cells and hair, they will also degrade other natural fibers, including cotton, silk, and other common fabrics. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people’s clothing to get destroyed when they use drain cleaners. Even the smallest spill could ruin your clothing.

Drain Cleaners Can Cause Burns & Irritation: 
As frustrating as it would be to have your clothing ruined by a drain cleaner, far worse would be sustaining burns on your skin. The chemicals in drain cleaning products are harsh and have the ability to burn even the tiniest sliver of exposed skin. In some cases, the burns caused by these cleaners can be serious, requiring immediate medical attention and ultimately resulting in permanent scarring.

Inhaling Drain Cleaning Chemicals Can Be Harmful: 
In addition to the physical harm that can come from using drain cleaners, merely inhaling them can be dangerous. If you fail to use proper ventilation or wear a mask, you could find yourself dealing with long-term respiratory issues. In rare cases, people have died from breathing in large amounts of the chemicals used in drain cleaning goods; although this is highly unlikely, it’s still important to be aware and to take the proper precautions.

Alternative to Using Drain Cleaners

  • Use a flange. Sometimes all it takes is a good plunging to remove the clog or help loosen it to allow water to run through your pipes uninterrupted
  • Use a drain snake. If you have a drain snake or a toilet auger, use it to break the clog or obstruction down the drain
  • When in doubt call a professional to help

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