When Should I Replace My Drain Lines?


There are plenty of parts of the home that owners do not know much about. A lot of the questions that homeowners defer to professionals have to do with drain lines and sewage. Sure, you might not be able to make these repairs yourself. Experienced drain technicians go to school for a long time to train, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know a thing or two! Taking an inventory on your drain lines and their condition is critical to knowing when repairs are going to be needed. If you are curious about if and when you should be replacing your drain lines, make sure to look for these signs of natural wear and tear! It can save you from a bigger cost down the road.

Signs for Drain Line Replacement

You might not be able to make the drain line replacement yourself, but you can certainly be on the lookout for these signs that it’s time to call for a replacement!

Water Malfunctions

If water is backing up in the bathroom sinks or toilets, or even in the kitchen, it’s likely a water drain line issue. Clogs can be easy to remove, but if there are growing issues that span various times and incidents, the line itself is likely damaged. Those clogs might be able to be broken up every time something like this comes up, but numerous issues mean a larger problem that could get a whole lot worse without attention.

Sounds to Catch your Attention

A certain range of sounds in your drain lines should not be happening, even with clog issues. Bubbly gurgles should never be coming from a drain. Think about the sound that butter makes as it pops when being melted; that’s not something you want to hear from your sewage and drainage systems. If there’s a sound you’re not used to, don’t second guess yourself. As a homeowner or resident of a home, you’re using your drains and faucets daily and often. If something stands out, it’s likely a sign that an inspection is needed at the least.

Remember Your Last Replacement?

Depending on the age of your house, you might not have replaced your drain lines. For older homes nearing half a century in age, it’s likely long overdue. Before problems start popping up, it’s best to take the initiative and reach out to professionals immediately.

Trust the Drain Experts

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