Sewer Line Replacement

When Is the Best Time to Repair & Replace My Sewer Line?

Having constant issues with drainage? Persistent problems may be a sign your sewer line needs assistance. It’s entirely possible to fix sewer line concerns with maintenance and cleaning the drain. However, these methods won’t solve the problem if there is a deep, underlying problem underground. Before you consider repairing and replacing your sewer line, we’ll inform you of the warning signs. If you feel the warning signs relate to your sewer line, we’ll tell you what to do, your options, and how to get help from professionals.

Sewer Line Warning Signs

If you aren’t sure if it’s time to repair and replace the sewer line, consider these warning signs:

  • Large trees: Huge trees, even if they aren’t near your property, can cause problems because of its roots. One of the main causes of pipe damage is enormous, old tree roots infringing on sewage structures.
  • Odd noises: If you hear bubbling sounds when the plumbing is at work, such as the toilet flushing, these are signs there is clogging in the sewer line. Air bubbles during a flush are also a warning sign.
  • Constant clogging: Everyday products such as toilet paper and others can cause an overflowing toilet and clogged drainage. If you experience clogging despite not flushing anything, it’s a sign there are significant problems ahead.
  • Future issues: If you have been experiencing on and off clogging with your sewer line in the past few months or years, the damage may start to accumulate, causing future problems. However, if the sewer line is young, simple drainage should do the trick, especially with proper maintenance.
  • Dated pipes: The older the sewer line, the higher the chance it may need assistance. If you are unsure of your sewer line’s age, take into consideration the age of your home.
  • Faulty fixtures: If you have strange occurrences of water backing up in areas, such as the basement, sink or toilets, this is a huge sign there is a main clog. For instance, if your toilet water is backing up in your shower on the same floor, you need assistance.

Steps to Take After Identifying Warning Signs

If any of those warning signs sound like your sewer line problems, further steps need to occur. For instance, a sewer camera inspection to identify the underlying problem is an option. It’s best to get a professional when considering the use of a sewer camera inspection.   After the professional reviews your sewer line with a camera, they will find out the leading cause for your sewer problems. Thanks to the sewer camera, the team that will repair and replace your sewer line can now efficiently fix the issues after they’re able to diagnose the causes.

Options for Sewer Line Replacements

If sewer camera inspection shows you must repair and replace your sewer line, the best option is to schedule a sewer replacement as soon as possible.

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