What are the Best Ways to Prevent Drain Clogs this Fall



There probably is not a family out there who has yet to experience a clogged drain. Whether it’s in your bathtub from people washing their hair too often or in your kitchen sink because of food, clogged sinks are truly a nuisance. Luckily, there are a few things you can do this Fall to prevent the clogs from happening so often.


Put a lint catcher on your hose

No, we are no talking about the water hose that you keep outside. Instead, we’re referring to your washing machine hose.  If you wash your clothes enough, there is a chance that the fabric can somehow make its way into your washing machine hose and cause your drain to clog up. Tying a lint catcher onto the end of the hose (e.g. old nylon stocking) will get hold of the fabrics before they can make their way into your drain.

Keep grease out of your sink

If it’s one thing that we see most often, it’s that people are still disposing of their grease into the sink. Hot grease may go down smooth, but it always has to cool off at some point. When it does, it gives you a clog that can only be described as a nightmare. Nip the habit in the bud and pour all of your greases into a plastic bag then put into the trash can.

Invest in a mesh screen for the bathroom sinks and tubs

Recall how we mentioned that the tub is major grounds for clogs because of hair and soap. The best thing to do is to tackle it before it gets to the drain. There are many kinds of mesh screens out there that easily sit in the drain and catch all the particles before they get a chance to cause any damage.


Try not to overuse your garbage disposal

As easy as it is to just throw food in the sink and turn on the disposal, over time it is possible for clogs to occur. As opposed to putting your food in the sink, consider putting it into a container to make a compost bin. Although this doesn’t work well with meat or greasy food, a compost is a natural way to get rid of waste without having to worry about possible clogging of drains.


Schedule preventative maintenance with Boston Drain Company!

Dealing with a plumbing issue after it’s escalated is way more problematic, time-consuming and costly, than preventing it altogether. When you request an estimate from Boston Drain Company, we can guarantee you a stress-free and efficient inspection of your drain and sewer systems!

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