Tips for Spring Drain Maintenance

Rain Gutter ImageWe are just entering the spring season, which would mean that many homeowners will begin to utilize their backyard or patios and spend more time outdoors. Now is the time to spend on any routine maintenance around the house and to make sure that the home is ready for the spring weather. With spring, also comes the danger of heavy rain. For most homeowners, the majority of time spent on the home is focused on cosmetic spring maintenance and often times, the control over water flow around the home is ignored. You can prevent costly repairs by performing these simple home maintenance tasks.

Clean Gutters:

Make sure that your gutters are free of debris so that the water flow is not blocked. Consider installing gutter guards for additional protection. Installing aluminum gutters can fight against rust and is also very durable.


The downspouts should extend at least 5 feet away from the home. If not, install an extension to the downspouts to direct the water away from your home.

Sloping Yard:

Make sure that that there is a slope to the base of your home. The gradual slope will direct water away from your home to protect the foundation from pooling rainwater and preventing leaks in the basement.

Waterproof Basement:

A waterproofing system will help keep your basement or crawl space dry, especially if you have experienced flooding in your basement before or have cracks in your foundation.

Damp Conditions:

Basements and crawl spaces are susceptible to damp conditions, attracting bugs and uncomfortable humidity. Consider utilizing a dehumidifier to improve air quality and reduce energ

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