Tips for Preparing Your Plumbing for the Fall

With cooler weather quickly approaching, now is the time to start performing routine maintenance around your home. There is much to be done before winter sets in, but before it does one of the post important areas of your home that many people tend to overlook is their plumbing system. Pipes can often freeze during the winter leaving your home without water and at times lead to costly repair issues. These are the steps that you should perform this fall to ensure that your plumbing system is in proper working order come winter.

  • Pipe Insulation: Insulate any pipes that are exposed or lead outside. Even the pipes that are hidden in your wall cavities. If you are unsure, consult with a plumbing professional.
  • Fix any Faucets: Check all faucets in your home for signs of leakage. Now is the time to fix those faucets that you’ve been putting off all summer. These faucets will only become a bigger issue during the winter when colder temperatures arrive.
  • Drain the Hot Water Heater: If your hot water tank isn’t routinely drained, sediment can build up at the bottom causing rust in the water tank. If your hot water tank is too rusty or old then consider a replacement tank.
  • Outside Water Hoses: Disconnect any outside water hoses from the outdoor faucet. Leaving your water hose connected can cause the water left inside the house to freeze resulting in your faucet freezing and some parts of your indoor plumbing to freeze too.
  • Close Shut-Off Valves: If your house has interior shut-off valves that lead to outdoor faucets, be sure to close and drain them before winter. Repair costs could be expensive if the lines freeze over.
  • Insulated Outdoor Pipes: If you have pipes that run outside of your home and are not insulated, now is the best time to insulate any pipes running outside of your home. Mobile homes or under garages are perfect examples of areas in which pipes can be exposed.
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