The Holiday’s Effect On Your Drainage System

The holiday season can be a particularly tough time for your drainage and plumbing system. During this time of year, homeowners tend host gatherings and get-togethers for friends and families. What many people do not think about is the overuse of the garbage disposal, improper disposal of cooking grease, or an excessive disposal of paper and waste can result in clogged drains and pipes. If these drainage issues are not caught in time, the household plumbing system can become inoperable. The worst case scenario is that the drainage system will become so backed up that waste might be pushed back through toilets, tubs, or sinks. Here are some helpful tips that can prevent drainage issues throughout the holiday season.

1)    Proper Disposal of Cooking Oil: Whether you are baking, frying, or roasting the results of excess cooking oils are always the same. Grease and fats that are poured down the drain eventually result in clogging. Pour the grease or fat into a garbage bag or sealed container before disposing of it in the trash. The smallest amount of grease can result cause major issues.

2)    Table Scraps: When disposing of table scraps, instead of using a garbage disposal system, directly dispose any table scraps directly into a garbage bag. A strainer or drainage basket should be used to catch any small food items that are left on plates and utensils.

3)    Only Flush Toilet Paper: Remind everyone who visits your home to only flush toilet paper and not anything else. Have a waste basket in the restroom ready for visitors and empty the waste basket regularly.

We recommend that homeowners should have their sewer lines inspected and have routine maintenance done on them regularly. Dealing with drainage issues is the last thing on your mind when you’re entertaining guests this holiday season.

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