Preparing Your Pipes For Autumn

Prep your pipes for Autumn

As summer winds down and the harsh New England autumn begins to set in, we are graced with beautiful changes of scenery, pumpkin spice, and unfortunately frozen pipes and drain issues! With these colder months, there are plenty of opportunities for your drains to become clogged, which can be due to both internal and external factors! Please read on for helpful tips to prepare the drains & pipes in & around your home during these colder months, as well as some advice to combat/prevent these issues in the first place!

Disconnect Exterior Hoses

With cold weather coming, disconnecting  & winterizing the exterior hoses/faucets around your home is a sure-fire way to reduce any possibility of having an exterior faucet free, or worse, having a pipe burst due to this pressure. This can be done by simply turning the interior shutoff valve in your home to disconnect any water running to the exterior of your home.

Pipe Insulation

While this may be more prevalent in the colder months to come, it is always beneficial to start planning ahead to prepare for the potential worst! If you have pipes in your home that frequently freeze or are at risk of bursting, a quick fix to this issue is wrapping your pipes in insulation. This added layer of protection will help reduce the rapid fluctuation between heat gain and loss which ultimately helps to prevent your pipes from freezing, expanding, and potentially exploding! There are several types of insulation that can be used, some examples are Conventional Foam, Self-Sealing Foam, Spray Foam insulation, and Fiberglass pipe covers.


With holidays approaching, your drains will see an uptick in activity! If you are hosting any family gatherings this season and with that, it is especially important to be wary of what is being flushed, and what is being disposed of via drains. Here are some of the most common foods that should never go into garbage disposals:

  • Grease
  • Bones
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Avocado Pits
  • Raw Meat W/ Bones

Seasonal Homes

If you own a seasonal home in a colder region and will not be present during the winter months, it is advised that you turn off all water in your home completely. This will reduce any factor of a pipe freezing

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