Low Water Pressure Can Save Your Plumbing

Did you know that the life of your plumbing is dramatically affected by the water pressure in your pipelines? Though high water pressure may feel great in the shower or while washing hands, it can drastically increase the likelihood of corrosion, joint leaks, cracks and fractures in your water pipes. This damage can lead to costly water bills in addition to inconvenient repairs or replacement down the line. Protect the quality of your plumbing by checking the level of water pressure in your home or business.

Water pressure can easily be measured by attaching a hose bib scale to an outside faucet and opening the valve on the plumbing line. Normal water pressure should register between 40 and 85 psi (pounds per square inch) on the hose bib scale.

If you notice your water pressure is above or below these levels call Boston Drain Company for the fast, affordable, and efficient installation of a pressure regulator on your plumbing system. One of our friendly and professional plumbers would be glad to help you complete this task in addition to giving you the advice you need to keep your pipes flowing freely for years to come.



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