Important Spring Maintenance Tips For Sewers & Drains

As spring is right around the corner,  many homeowners will start utilizing their backyard or patios and generally spend more time outdoors. With the improvement of weather, now is a better time than ever to examine your home and focus on routine maintenance in and around your home. It is important to make sure that the home is ready for the spring, and often wetter weather. With spring, also comes the danger of heavy rain. For most homeowners, the majority of time spent on the home is focused on cosmetic improvements, and more often than not, the control over water flow around the home is ignored. Read our blog to learn how you can prevent costly repairs by performing these simple home maintenance tasks!

Clean Your Gutters:

Make sure that your gutters are free of debris so that the water flow is not blocked. Consider installing gutter guards for additional protection. Installing aluminum gutters can fight against rust and is also very durable. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters will keep them in tip-top shape, and reduce the risk of overflow or damage to your home.

Look for Pipe Leaks

With the variation of temperature, your pipes will flex and can potentially develop leaks as we transition from winter to spring. This is an ideal time to inspect your home by looking at every visible pipe to check for any drips, signs of condensation, and visible leaks. As water drips, it can cause visible damage to floors, walls, and your foundation.  If left unchecked your property can suffer damage that is normally quite costly to repair. This is why it is important to check your pipes once a year when spring rolls around. If you notice a leak in the spring, or any other time, don’t wait to get it resolved, as each day can lead to more damage.

Waterproof Your Basement:

A waterproofing system will help keep your basement or crawl space dry, especially if you have experienced flooding in your basement before or have cracks in your foundation. If your home is prone to flooding it may be beneficial to install a sump pump as an extra layer of protection. Sump pumps can protect your home by preventing problems that a gradual build-up of water in a basement can cause. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding a sump pump can greatly reduce the cost to repair your basement or belongings.

Trust the Sewer & Drain Experts

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