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How to Avoid Drains Getting Blocked by Autumn Leaves

Along with the cooler weather, the autumn season also invites other unwanted obstacles to the homeowner. If your home is surrounded by trees or other plant life, one common issue in regards to the drainage system are the leaves that are falling around this time.  Drains are important to any property because it carries the waste away from your home; any small blockage can cause moderate flooding issues and any major blockage can cause severe flooding and some indoor flooding issues too. Here are a few ways to prevent falling leaves from blocking your drainage systems.

1)    Hard work: The simplest solution to your drainage issues is to clean out your drain yourself. Using gloves, waste bag and possibly a shovel, clear your drains of any leaves that may have found its way into the drains. This process may need to be repeated a few times if there is an abundance of trees near your home.

2)    Vacuuming System: A specialized vacuuming system can be used to clear out your drainage systems if there is a serious blocking issue. Although this solution is not the most cost effective, it is definitely quick and efficient.

3)    Drain Guards: Drain Guards can be used to prevent any serious blocking issue. Drain Guards can be purchased for any size and shape of drains and they all perform the same duty. Drain Guards allow water to enter the drains while keeping the leaves away. To compliment the Drain Guards, moderate leaf raking should be performed to ensure that the leaves have little chance to find its way into your drains.

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