How to Avoid Common Problems to Your Drainage System

2311358162_90e0722516_bThe winter months are especially hard on our home drainage and pipe system. Having issues with your drainage system can be extremely difficult to deal with during the cold weather and has also proven to be very costly.

Drain Inspection:

If you live in an area that sees steady snowfall each year, your drain can see clogging issues from the melting snow as well as the leaves and branches that fall from neighboring trees. We recommend that you consult a professional drain specialist and have a complete inspection of your drainage systems.

Insulate Your Pipes:

Pipes that are not properly insulated are susceptible to freezing or bursting. Have your pipes insulated and keep them warm enough so that your water systems are running properly throughout the winter. Foam is most commonly used to keep your pipes insulated.

Fix Leaking issues:

If you currently have any leaking issues in your home, fix them immediately. Get a professional to look into your leaking pipes and have them fixed if you do not feel comfortable in fixing them yourself.

Thaw Your Pipes:

If your pipes have already frozen over, the best solution is to gently thaw your pipes. Use a warm towel and slowly thaw the frozen pipe. If you choose to any other form of thawing method, you could be putting your pipes at risk of bursting.

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