How Often Should You Call a Drain Cleaning Company

Drains are vital parts of plumbing systems in general and are essential to taking away wastewater from sources like faucets. Problems can arise that cause a drain system to clog, leak, or become damaged. This can make life a little more difficult, since a clog, for example, would interfere with the proper functioning of the outlet that the drain is attached to. The problem will remain until the drain system is unclogged. It is important to protect drainage pipes year-round, and it can be done with professional preventative maintenance and inspections. How often should you call a drain cleaning company? Let’s find out.




Importance of Protecting Drain Pipes

Regardless of the season, you should always endeavor to protect your pipes. This is especially important during the winter but should be a year-round priority. During significantly cold weather, water left in your pipes can freeze, which increases the pressure on the pipes, that often result in the pipes bursting or the separation of the joints. Protecting your pipes year-round is also important in preventing clogs, the growth of bacteria and damage. Clogs prevent proper drainage which can cause nasty backups, that, in turn, leads to the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogens that can pose a health risk. Clog and age can cause pipes to corrode, resulting in a leak. Restriction of water flow and foul smell are common signs that your drains are backed up.


How Often to Call Drain Cleaning Company

The simple fact is that there is no set number of times that you should call the professionals to clean your drain. How about calling when there is a sign of trouble? Calling on an as needed basis seems to make good sense. However, there might not be any signs that there is a problem with your drains, but that doesn’t mean that all is well either. That is why it is also essential to have an annual professional maintenance check perform to identify any growing issues and give you some peace of mind.


Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance and care can help to minimize the development of drainage problems. A slow drain is a typical sign of a clog, but pouring vinegar and hot water down the drain can flush it and unplug debris. Check exposed pipes for rust, cracks and other signs of damage that can cause leaks. A video pipe inspection can also be used to view in real time the source of clogging in your pipes and also pinpoint a leak.


Keeping your drains working perfectly throughout the year is essential to prevent leaks, clogs, and backups. Think of it as a regular part of home maintenance. You can practice useful preventative measures to keep drains flowing right, and contact Boston Drain Company 24/7/365.

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