Frequently Asked Questions

Common Sewer & Drain Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the Sewer & Drain industry. If you don’t see your question answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

  • What Are Your Hours?
    • Boston Drain Company is a 24/7 Emergency Sewer & Drain Service Company, whenever a pipe may spring a leak, or if your business or apartment complex is flooding in the middle of the night, Boston Drain is a call away.
  • What Sewer & Drain Services Do You Provide?
    • We offer the following services to both Residential & Commercial property owners
      • Sewer & Drain cleaning services
      • Underground Repairs
      • Video Pipe Inspection
      • Preventative Maintenance
  • What Are The Benefits Of A Video Pipe-Inspection?
    • A video pipe inspection can provide a great deal of information regarding a current sewer or drain issue, this gives our technicians an immediate idea as to what the next steps may be, as well as accurately diagnosing your sewer or drain issue. Video pipe inspections can uncover the following issues.
      • Broken, burst, collapsed, or cracked pipes
      • Clogs in water lines, drain lines, sewer lines, storm lines, and underground septic systems
      • Pipe leaks
      • Pipe corrosion
      • Root infiltration
      • Offset or misaligned pipes
      • Bellied or sunken pipes
  • What Should Never Be Flushed Down The Drain?
    • The following items should never be flushed down the drain as it can contribute to clogs, system backups, and potentially cause extensive damage to the integrity of the pipes in your home. Here are other some other common items that are frequently flushed down the drain, but should not!
      • Baby Wipes
      • Feminine Products
      • Condoms
      • Dental Floss
      • Q-Tips and Cotton Balls
  • What Are The Most Common Types of Sewer Problems?
    • If your sewer system is not draining correctly or flooding, here are a few potential reasons as to why you may have a sewer problem 
      • Tree Roots
      • Broken or Misaligned Pipes
      • Blockage
      • Corroded or Deteriorate Pipes
      • Bellied Pipe
      • Leaking Joints
  • Should I Repair Or Replace My Sewer Line?
    • This depends on the current status of your sewer line, normally a technician is required to come out and inspect the integrity of your system before determining if a repair can be done, or if your sewer system is beyond repair
  • Do You Provide Sewer & Drain Services To Residential Properties?
    • Yes! Our specially trained experts have the knowledge to handle Sewer & Drain problems on both Residential and Commercial properties surrounding the Greater Boston Area!

Trust the Drain Experts

For over 37 years Boston Drain Company has provided diagnostics, sewer & drain cleaning, video pipe inspections, sewer line repairs and preventative maintenance options to business owners and residents of Eastern Massachusetts & the Greater Boston Area. For any and all sewer & drain repair/service, call the experts at Boston Drain!

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