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Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Sewer/Drains

Proper use of your drains can make an incredible difference when it comes to monthly and yearly maintenance or repairs when it comes to your sewer and drains. if left neglected, the gradual damage accrued can lead to costly and inconvenient sewer or drain emergencies that could threaten the functionality of your entire property.

Control What Goes Down the Drain

Improper items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, food, toys, and jewelry can all clog the three inch drain pipe connecting your toilet to the main waste line in your plumbing system.

If an object makes in far enough into your sewer or drain, your entire toilet will need to be removed to clear the blockage. Flushing one improper item down the toilet can ultimately stop up every drain in the house by blocking the main waste line. Prevent plumbing emergencies by using a trash can for all improper items and calling a plumber at the first sign of a clogged toilet drain.

Not Maintaining the Garbage Disposal

As the name suggests, the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is used to break down food waste into smaller bits that can be safely washed down the sink and disposed of. Nevertheless, there are certain foods such as flour, rice, vegetable and fruit peels, bones, and potatoes that easily clog the motorized blender in the garbage disposal as well as the drain itself. Throw these foods in a trash can or use them for compost.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

When drains clog, many people turn to drain cleaner as a cheap solution to their issue. Unfortunately, most common drain cleaners can do more harm than good by causing corrosion and potentially more severe clogs. This pipe damage can lead to even pricier pipe repairs. Instead call a sewer and drain technician to thoroughly clean your drains without the use of chemicals.

Pouring Chemicals Down the Drain

Though most modern homes now use a public utility sewer system, some homes continue to use a septic system for their plumbing needs. Septic systems require an entirely different maintenance program which includes, as many fail to realize, a decrease in use of chemicals. Drain cleaner, bleach, paint, detergents, and other chemicals destroy the essential waste-eating bacteria in the septic tank, which leads to clogs in septic pipes and tanks that could cause major damage to your entire plumbing system.

Using Different Metals to Join Pipes

Joints using different metal types must be made with a dielectric union or other approved pipe fitting so call your local plumber to ensure your pipes are fitted properly. When using different metals, corrosion can occur through a process called galvanic action. This corrosion can lead to joint leaks and other forms of pipe damage.

Trust the Sewer & Drain Experts

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