How to Avoid Plumbing Scams?

Home contractor scams are on the rise. Plumbing cons, unfortunately, are not an exception. Boston Drain Company has been in the business for many years to know how to avoid being taken advantage of and choose a reputable professional to fix a customer’s drain or sewer problem.   One of the most common scams involves […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

  Drain-unclogging chemicals may look like a quick and easy solution, yet liquid drain cleaners can do more harm than good. Not surprisingly, you won’t catch a plumbing professional using one of those products in their own homes. We compiled a few explanations and tips you might need for managing a plumbing clog.   All […]

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a bacterial buildup, that turns up on your plumbing fixtures and on the walls of the pipes. You might have encountered biofilm at the ring around your faucet, or while clearing a hairball from your shower drain. Biofilm is not just a type of microorganisms. It’s a collection of several species of bacteria […]

What to Avoid When Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the most commonly ignored household tasks. Insufficient drain maintenance can cause nasty odors, tough clogs, and even damaged pipes in your house. The majority of homeowners makes these basic mistakes that end up costing them hundreds of dollars or more in repairs moving forward. Boston Drain Company professionals compiled the […]

How to Deal With Your Septic Tank After a Flood

If your home has experienced a flood, your septic tank could be at risk. It can fill with rising ground water, or leak through the lid, leaving it unsafe to use. Follow these tips after a flood to make sure your septic tank is properly taken care of. Limit household water use as much as possible […]

What is a Plumbing Trap?

Have you ever looked under your bathroom or kitchen sink and wondered why the pipe was an unusual U-shape? If you’re like most people, you didn’t think twice about it’s shape and just assumed it had to have some practical purpose. This weird-shaped pipe is a plumbing trap. It is designed to hold a small […]

How Can I Keep My Septic System Running Properly?

Pumping a septic system regularly can extend its lifespan immensely. Preventive maintenance is a lot cheaper and easier than necessary repairs later on. Constant care to your septic system is essential to prevent system failure. Septic system maintenance should begin where the process starts; indoors. Make sure you and anyone else in your home uses […]

What Are The Benefits of Conducting a Video Pipe Inspection?

Plumbing problems can create a major standstill in a home. Although, trying to locate the problem can be difficult. That’s where video pipe inspections come in handy. Video pipe inspections are the most advanced method of identifying a plumbing problem. By performing a video pipe inspection, plumbers can pinpoint problems and carry out repairs without […]

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing This Winter

Bitter Boston winters entail of plummeting temperatures and more snow than most people can handle. Nor’easter weather can cause a lot of damage to a home, especially the plumbing. Water has a unique feature that when it freezes, it expands. If the water in your pipes freezes and expands enough, they can burst. The most […]

How Do I Stop My Shower Drain From Clogging?

Are your drains constantly backing up? Do you find yourself standing in inches of water while showering? Clogged shower drains can be a hassle and an annoying task to deal with. Perform these tips on a regular basis to prevent backups from happening in your home. Use a Drain Cover The number one culprit of […]