Basement, Garage, & Laundry Lines

Though many home, business, & property owners pay far less attention to this plumbing area in comparison to others like sinks and toilets, floor lines are an important aspect of your entire plumbing system. There are many different types of floor lines within a property such as garage lines, basement lines, and laundry lines. Nevertheless, a clock or blockage in this area can spell trouble for your entire plumbing system by creating clogs, cracks, excess water pressure in surrounding areas and threatening the stability of your main sewage line. Because these sewer and water lines can lie deep underground and are difficult to fix with simple techniques, it’s highly suggested to hire a sewer and drain expert to solve any plumbing problems in this area.

A clogged laundry, basement, or garage line can throw off the normal operation of a busy household or business. Luckily, our sewer & drain experts are on duty around-the-clock and are fully-equipped to provide fast and affordable plumbing services for residential and commercial properties in Dorchester, Quincy, Milton, and the greater Boston, MA area. We take pride in offering Real 24 Hour Emergency Service, meaning quality service is available when you need it most – from early dawn to the middle of the night and everything in between.


Look out for the following signs of clogs & blockages in your plumbing:

  • Water flooding around the drain
  • Gurgling  or glugging noises
  • Foul odors, dirt, or debris coming from the drain
  • Slow draining or draining that stops before completion


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