5 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Drain



There is a multitude of things that we are taught not to do as a kid – walk in the street, talk to strangers, etc. One thing that most of us know is that there are very few items that actually belong in, and should be flushed down, a toilet. Sometimes, though, it seems like there is a bit of confusion regarding what should, or shouldn’t be, flushed down the toilet. To help, we have compiled a list of things you’re better off not flush down a toilet.


Baby Wipes


While most of these are advertised as being flushable, we caution you to avoid doing just that. Wipes, even the ‘flushable’ kind end up getting clogged in your pipes and backing them up because they are not as easy to break down like toilet paper. You’re much better off putting them in the trash.


Feminine Products

While this is often a taboo and personal subject it goes without saying – keep your tampons, sanitary napkins, etc out of the toilet. To many folks, placing them in the toilet is a much ‘cleaner’ option for disposal. When taking into account the gallons of toilet water that will spill onto your bathroom floor, you might think twice about flushing these items.




Another adult culprit, these should never be flushed. As with the products above, condoms are sensitive to talk about and discuss publicly, however, there is nothing better about them coming back and having to be thrown out a second time. Do yourself the favor (and spare yourself the embarrassment) and place them in the garbage can.


Dental Floss


This seemingly innocent hygiene item is actually a dangerous pipe-clogger. Additionally, it also serves as a dangerous environmental hazard to animals. When flushed, floss tends to wad up into a net of sorts and wreaks havoc on your plumbing as it catches and collects all sorts of debris following it down into the pipes.


Q-Tips and Cotton Balls


These items are a bit more obvious than dental floss, however, year after year they continue to be the main culprit of damaged pipes or plumbing. The fact is, they will balloon up as they soak up water and will join other larger, harder pieces of debris to clog your pipes. Spare yourself the trouble and ensure these cottony soft items make it into your trash.

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