4 Summer Drain Maintenance Tips

The summer season comes with its own drainage issues and problems. Even though you are probably planning summer vacations and family outings, make no mistake, if your home has had any drainage issues in the past, the summer season is the perfect time to remediate these issues.
that can save you a costly repair in the future.

Child near a drain.Leaks in the sprinkler system:

During the summer season, sprinklers are a major source of leaks since they are used regularly. Leaks in your sprinkler system may go undetected especially when sprinklers operate on a timer and are left unsupervised. Have a professional inspect your water system to prevent leaking.

Check on Gas Lines:

Gas leaks are found frequently during the summer, especially near outdoor grills. Check and perform regular sniff tests close to any gas line, you will be able to detect any major gas leak in your home.

Clogged Toilet:

Use a flange plunger whenever your toilet gets clogged. A flange plunger creates a suction at the bottom of the toilet bowl that is required to loosen the clog.  If small children are present, make sure that they are properly trained in bathroom etiquette, and utilizing the correct amount of toilet paper.

Washing Machine Hoses: Most of the summer time is spent outside which may result in a lot of laundry. Washing machines should be checked for leaks and cracks and dryer lint should be removed regularly.

Drain Disposal Maintenance:

Remember to never pour hot oil/fat down the drain or over stuff the disposal unit. The summer months usually means a lot of outdoor cooking, never use the disposal for bones, fruit pits or grease, Doing so may mean disaster for your waste disposal.

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