5 Common Plumbing Problems

Your plumbing system is a durable yet delicate network of sewage and water pipes that connects from every fixture inside your home or business to the central waste and water line. These main lines then connect to a public sewage tank or septic tank underground.

Any problem, whether minor or severe, in any area within this plumbing network could spell trouble for your plumbing system as a whole and lead to inconvenient and expensive repairs. Prevent major damage in your plumbing system by thoroughly monitoring your plumbing for early signs of problems. These 5 common plumbing problems are a great place to start.


Leaky Tap or Faucet

Though leaky taps don’t seem like a significant plumbing problem, water loss could lead to a high water bill and increase overall damage to your pipelines or property. Call a professional to inspect the issue and make repairs, adjustments, or replacements as needed.


Clogged Shower Drain

Shower drains are easily clogged over time by dirt, oil, hair, shampoos, soaps and foreign objects. These drains are also easily damaged by age, frequent use, and corrosion which all make it harder for the drain to function without getting clogged. When a shower drain gets blocked the water has nowhere to go and clogs up the bath or shower basin, which can cause flooding and water damage.


Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are caused by waste buildup and often occur as the result of flushing improper items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and large amounts of toilet paper. Usually a plunger will do the trick but, in the case of large blockages or blocks in the U-bend of the pipe, a professional plumber is needed to snake the drain, inspect for misaligned pipes, and make repairs or replacements in the plumbing.


Under-Sink Pipe Leaks

These leaks are often caused by the pipe being knocked out of place or improper installation, both of which lead to pipe misalignment. These leaks may, however, also indicate a more severe plumbing problem such as holes, cracks, or fractures in the water line. Be sure to properly inspect the pipes to determine if tightening, repair, or completed replacement is required


Slow Flowing Water Pipe

Are your pipes flowing with a little less gusto than usual? It could be a sign of a blockage or underlying damage in your pipeline such as cracks, holes, or misalignment. Do a thorough inspection of your plumbing and request video pipe inspection from a professional to detect a problem in deeper areas of your plumbing system.


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