4 Simple Ways to Prevent Drains and Gutters from Clogging this Fall

leaves clogging a drainFall is finally here!… and so are the leaves. Sure they look pretty and picturesque when they’re falling in the park, but not so much in your yard. When the wind and rain pick up, you’re left with nothing but a mess and clogged drains. Use these 4 simple ways to prevent your drains from getting backed up by leaves this Fall!

1. Clean up Regularly

Always clear away leaves, twigs, and other debris away from drains in order to avoid them becoming clogged. Use a rake or shovel in order to clear the drain.

2. Drain Covers

There are many drain covers available to keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your drains. These can be purchased at a store, or made at home with some wire mesh and heavy rocks.

3. Keep Gutters Clear

Be sure to frequently check gutters for leaves and debris that can cause blockage and an overflow of water. When water cannot drain properly from gutters, if could be forced down the side of the house, causing water damage and rotting to occur. Invest in gutter protectors to keep leaves and debris from building up inside the gutters.

4. Dispose of Leaves

Don’t sweep or blow leaves into the road; they could easily be blown back onto the drain and cause blockage again. Instead, pick up leaves and dispose of them in compost piles or curbside yard waste bins.

Tools for Prevention

Check out these easy to use tools that you can buy or rent from a hardware store in order to clear away those pesky leaves.

Gutter Brushes – These sit inside the drain pipe in the gutter and prevent anything from entering except for water.

Drain Covers – These covers sit on top of the drain in the street in order to keep leaves from falling down the drain.

Water Jet – This device can be hooked up to a hose to produce a hydro-jet to drain the sewer line. It flushes pipes with high-pressure water, strong enough to remove clogging caused by dirt, grease, paper, and sludge.


If your drains seem to be draining slowly or are still backed up even after you clear away leaves and debris, call Boston Drain Company at (617) 265-8888.

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