3 Ways to Maintain Pipes

When was the last time you thought about the pipes in your home? Normally we don’t even think about the very things that provide water and sewage to an entire household given how accustomed we are to having these on demand. Pipes aren’t permanent though, they need to be maintained and eventually replaced or you risk leaks, damage, and costly repairs. Fortunately, there are simple ways to maintain them before problems arise:

Avoid the use of drain cleaners

Clogged drains are the most typical plumbing problem that people have with their pipes, while drain cleaners are the most common solution used to fix this issue. Unfortunately, drain cleaners can do more harm than good since they can erode cast-iron pipes. Besides erosion, they don’t always get rid of the whole clog which leads to a temporary fix that will result in the same problem time and time again. The more you try to use drain cleaner the more erosion your pipes suffer which will eventually lead to a leak and an expensive plumbing visit. Instead of damaging the pipes, you can pay a plumber to snake the drain and completely remove the block.

Try to prevent the formation of clogs

Avoid clogs by keeping food scraps, hair and other solids out of the drains present throughout the home. A screen over individual drains and pulling out hair every few weeks can prevent the buildup of clogs and keep your pipes healthy. Finally, don’t throw grease down the drain. Grease is only a liquid when it is heated, as it cools down it will become a solid that is hard to remove from pipes. Let it cool and dispose of it in the trash or a separate container instead.

Check the pressure of your faucets

The presence of a clog in your pipes leads to increased pressure from backed up water which will stress and weaken the pipes prompting a faster replacement. To prevent this excess pressure damaging your pipes, use a gauge to test just how strongly water is pumped out. If you get a reading above 85 psi then you need to contact a plumber to install a pressure reducer. If you get a reading below 40 your pipe is underperforming and will need an adjustment.

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